function provision_fqdn

7.x-3.x provision_fqdn($host = NULL)

return the FQDN of the machine or provided host

this replicates hostname -f, which is not portable

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drush_provision_hostmaster_install in ./
Drush command to install hostmaster.
drush_provision_hostmaster_install_validate in ./
provision_drush_command in ./
Implementation of hook_drush_command().
provision_is_local_host in ./
Make a determination whether or not the given host is local or not.


./, line 139
The provisioning framework API.


function provision_fqdn($host = NULL) {
  if (is_null($host)) {
    $host = php_uname('n');
  return strtolower(gethostbyaddr(gethostbyname($host)));