Command line interface for Provision.


Name Locationsort descending Description
provision_drush_init ./ Implements hook_drush_init().
_provision_drush_check_user ./ This will abort any process running drush provision commands if the user running the command is root.
_provision_drush_check_load ./ This will abort any process running drush if the load is critical.
provision_drush_command ./ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_provision_save ./
drush_provision_verify ./
_provision_default_web_group ./
provision_count_cpus ./ determine the number of CPU on the machine
provision_load_critical ./ determine if overall load of the machine is critical
provision_hosting_feature_enabled ./ Check whether a Hosting feature is enabled.



./, line 42
Provision Drush commands.