Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
install_mail platform/drupal/
install_main platform/drupal/
install_main platform/drupal/
install_main platform/drupal/
install_send_welcome_mail platform/drupal/
install_send_welcome_mail platform/drupal/
install_send_welcome_mail platform/drupal/
install_validate_client_email platform/drupal/ Validate client email and throw a helpful error message if it is invalid.
install_verify_drupal platform/drupal/ Verify if Drupal is installed.
install_verify_settings platform/drupal/ Verify existing settings.php
provision_api_version ./ Aegir API implemented by this backend
provision_autoload ./ Return an instance of the provision autoloader.
provision_autoload_register_prefix ./ Register a PECL style prefix with the provision autoloader.
provision_backend_invoke ./ Execute a command against a specific context object.
provision_backupmigrate_provision_apache_dir_config platform/backupmigrate/ Inject the relevant .htacces configuration into the global apache configuration
provision_class_directory ./ Return the directory containing the file a class is defined in.
provision_class_file ./ Return the file a class is defined in.
provision_context_factory ./ Create a new context object.
provision_count_cpus ./ determine the number of CPU on the machine
provision_current_user ./ Find the username of the current running procses
provision_drupal_drush_engine_drupal platform/
provision_drupal_drush_exit platform/ Finalize the platform / site
provision_drupal_drush_help platform/
provision_drupal_fetch_site platform/ Sync the current Drupal site BACK from a slave. Call before running operations that need files where the slave is authoritative.
provision_drupal_find_aliases platform/ Retrieve a list of aliases for the curent site.
provision_drupal_find_sites platform/
provision_drupal_push_site platform/ Sync the current Drupal platform and, if applicable, site. Call after finishing operations that affect the filesystem.
provision_drupal_system_map platform/ Map the system table to a packages multi-dimensional array component
provision_drush_command ./ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
provision_drush_init ./ Implements hook_drush_init().
provision_file ./
provision_find_packages platform/
provision_fqdn ./ return the FQDN of the machine or provided host
provision_get_base_url ./ Retrieve a base_url for the currently active site.
provision_hosting_feature_enabled ./ Check whether a Hosting feature is enabled.
provision_is_local_host ./ Make a determination whether or not the given host is local or not.
provision_load_critical ./ determine if overall load of the machine is critical
provision_normalise_context_name ./ Normalise a context name, ensuring that it starts with one '@'.
provision_parse_info_file platform/
provision_password ./ Generate a random alphanumeric password.
provision_posix_groupname ./ Return the valid system groupname for $group.
provision_posix_username ./ Return the valid system username for $user.
provision_prepare_environment platform/ Set up the $_SERVER environment variable so that drupal can correctly parse the settings.php file. The real credentials are stored in the Apache vhost of the relevant site, to prevent leaking of sensitive data to site administrators with PHP access…
provision_reload_config platform/ Reload drushrc files (if available) from several possible locations.
provision_save_platform_data ./ Save modified options to the drushrc.php file
provision_save_server_data ./ Save modified options to the drushrc.php file
provision_save_site_data ./
provision_sitealias_get_record ./ Simple access layer for drush_sitealias_get_record.
provision_tests_drush_command provision-tests/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
provision_user_in_group ./ Check whether a user is a member of a group.


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