function hook_hosting_tasks_alter

7.x-3.x hosting_task.api.php hook_hosting_tasks_alter(&$tasks)

Alter front-end tasks defined by other modules.


$tasks: An array of tasks defined by other modules. Keys of the outer array are the types of objects that the tasks operate on, e.g. 'site', 'platform' or 'server', values are arrays of the tasks that apply to those objects.

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1 invocation of hook_hosting_tasks_alter()
hosting_available_tasks in task/hosting_task.module
Get a list of tasks that can be invoked by the user.


task/hosting_task.api.php, line 64
Hooks provided by the hosting tasks module.


function hook_hosting_tasks_alter(&$tasks) {
  // Change the title of the site's clone task.
  if (isset($tasks['site']['clone'])) {
    $tasks['site']['clone']['title'] = t('Site clone');