function hosting_server_services

7.x-3.x hosting_server.module hosting_server_services()

Return an associative array of services enabled on this system.

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server/hosting_server.module, line 185
Hook implementations for the Hosting server module.


function hosting_server_services() {
  static $services;

  if (!isset($services)) {
    foreach (module_implements('hosting_service_type') as $module) {
      // Load all service_type classes.
      module_load_include('', $module);
    $services = module_invoke_all('hosting_service_type');
    foreach (module_implements('hosting_service') as $module) {
      foreach (module_invoke($module, 'hosting_service') as $service => $service_type) {
        // Load all service classes.
        module_load_include('', $module);
        $services[$service_type]['types'][$service] = 'hostingService_' . $service_type . '_' . $service;

  return $services;