function hook_hosting_quota_resource_render

7.x-3.x hosting_quota.api.php hook_hosting_quota_resource_render($resource, $usage)

Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource_render


$resource string: Machine name of the resource

$usage int: Usage as returned by hosting_quota_get_usage

Return value


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1 function implements hook_hosting_quota_resource_render()

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hosting_site_hosting_quota_resource_render in site/
Implements hook_hosting_quota_resource_render().
1 invocation of hook_hosting_quota_resource_render()
hosting_quota_resource_render in quota/hosting_quota.module
Rendering function for quotas


quota/hosting_quota.api.php, line 63
Hooks provided by the hosting quota module.


function hook_hosting_quota_resource_render($resource, $usage) {
  switch ($resource) {
    case 'foo':
      $bar = 23;
      return $usage * $bar . ' units';