function hook_hosting_quota_resource

7.x-3.x hosting_quota.api.php hook_hosting_quota_resource()

Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource

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1 function implements hook_hosting_quota_resource()

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Implements hook_hosting_quota_resource().
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Page callback for admin/hosting/quotas
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Callback for admin/hosting/quotas/defaults
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Insert edit controls for the hosting quotas into the client edit form
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Get info about hosting quotas
hosting_quota_get_all_info in quota/hosting_quota.module
@todo Please document this function.


quota/hosting_quota.api.php, line 16
Hooks provided by the hosting quota module.


function hook_hosting_quota_resource() {
  $resources = array();

  $resources['foo'] = array(
    'title' => t('Foo'),
    'description' => t('Limit for foo. Enter in 23rds of foo units.'),
    'module' => 'hook',

  return $resources;