function hosting_task_migrate_form_validate

7.x-3.x hosting_migrate.module hosting_task_migrate_form_validate($form, &$form_state)

Implements hook_validate().

A site may be migrated if it's URL, Platform or DB server has changed. Only one of these needs to change for a valid migration to be possible.

2 calls to hosting_task_migrate_form_validate()
hosting_task_clone_form_validate in clone/hosting_clone.module
Implements hook_hosting_task_TASK_TYPE_form_validate().
hosting_task_TASK_TYPE_form_validate in task/hosting_task.api.php
Validate the form data defined in hosting_task_TASK_TYPE_form().


migrate/hosting_migrate.module, line 72
Migrate sites between platforms, performing upgrades when necessary.


function hosting_task_migrate_form_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  $migrate_possible = FALSE;

  $site = $form['parameters']['#node'];

  $url = strtolower(trim($form_state['values']['parameters']['new_uri'])); // domain names are case-insensitive
  if ($url != strtolower(trim($site->title))) {
    $migrate_possible = TRUE;
    if (!_hosting_valid_fqdn($url)) {
      form_set_error('title', t("You have not specified a valid url for this site."));
    if (!hosting_domain_allowed($url)) {
      form_set_error('title', t("The domain name you have specified is not unique or not allowed."));

  if ($form_state['values']['parameters']['target_platform'] != $site->platform) {
    $migrate_possible = TRUE;

  if ($form_state['values']['parameters']['new_db_server'] != $site->db_server) {
    $migrate_possible = TRUE;

  if (!$migrate_possible) {
    form_set_error('parameters][target_platform', t("To migrate a site you need to modify at least one of the following fields: Domain name, Platform or Database server"));