function _hosting_queue_next_run

7.x-3.x _hosting_queue_next_run($queue)

Calculate the time at which the task queue will run next.

There are two possibilities here - the task was never run, in which case we compute the next time it was run.

The second case is the case where the task wasn't run in the last queue run even though it was scheduled, so we compute the next iteration.


$queue mixed: the queue name or a queue array as returned by hosting_get_queues()

Return value

integer the date at which the queue will run as a number of seconds since the UNIX epoch

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./, line 169
This file defines an API for defining new queues.


function _hosting_queue_next_run($queue) {
  if (!is_array($queue)) {
    $queues = hosting_get_queues();
    $queue = $queues[$queue];
  $freq = $queue['frequency'];
  $last = $queue['last_run'];
  $now = REQUEST_TIME;
  return max($last + $freq, ($now - (($now - $last) % $freq)) + $freq);