function hosting_domain_allowed

7.x-3.x hosting.module hosting_domain_allowed($url, $params = array())

Check site URL is allowed.

This function hooks into hook_allow_domain to let contrib modules weigh in on whether the site should be created.

All the hooks must return true for the domain to be allowed.

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4 calls to hosting_domain_allowed()
hosting_alias_validate_alias in alias/hosting_alias.module
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hosting_task_migrate_form_validate in migrate/hosting_migrate.module
Implements hook_validate().


./hosting.module, line 631
Hosting module.


function hosting_domain_allowed($url, $params = array()) {
  $results = module_invoke_all('allow_domain', $url, $params);
  $return = !in_array(FALSE, $results);
  return $return;