Frontend hooks

Those hooks are hooks usable within contrib Drupal modules running in the Aegir frontend site.


Namesort descending Location Description
hook_allow_domain ./hosting.api.php Determine if a site can be created using the specified domain.
hook_drush_context_import ./hosting.api.php Import a backend context into the corresponding frontend node.
hook_hosting_feature ./hosting.api.php Register a hosting feature with Aegir.
hook_hosting_queues ./hosting.api.php Define hosting queues.
hook_hosting_quota_get_usage quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_get_usage
hook_hosting_quota_resource quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource
hook_hosting_quota_resource_render quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource_render
hook_hosting_servers_titles_alter server/hosting_server.api.php Alter the servers available for selection in the frontend.
hook_hosting_site_options_alter site/hosting_site.api.php
hook_hosting_site_site_list_filters site/hosting_site.api.php Defines which filters are allowed to be used on the hosting site list.
hook_hosting_site_site_list_filters_alter site/hosting_site.api.php Alters which filters are allowed to be used on the hosting site list.
hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks ./hosting.api.php Return a list of dangerous tasks.
hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks_alter ./hosting.api.php Alter the list of dangerous tasks.
hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes ./hosting.api.php Return a list of Aegir entities to guard against destructive tasks.
hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes_alter ./hosting.api.php Alter the list of guarded nodes.
hook_hosting_TASK_OBJECT_context_options ./hosting.api.php Add or change context options before a hosting task runs.
hook_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task_rollback ./hosting.api.php Perform actions when a task has failed and has been rolled back.
hook_hosting_task_update_status ./hosting.api.php Reacts to tasks ending, with any status.
hook_nodeapi_TYPE_OP ./hosting.api.php Act on nodes defined by other modules.
hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task ./hosting.api.php Perform actions when a task has completed succesfully.
hosting_QUEUE_TYPE_queue ./hosting.api.php Process the specified queue.
hosting_TASK_SINGULAR_list ./hosting.api.php
hosting_TASK_SINGULAR_summary ./hosting.api.php


./hosting.api.php, line 7
Hooks provided by the hosting module, and some other random ones.