function hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks

7.x-3.x hosting.api.php hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks()

Return a list of dangerous tasks.

These tasks will be blocked on guarded noded. @see: hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes(). @see: hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks_alter().

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1 function implements hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks()

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hosting_task_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks in task/hosting_task.module
Implements hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks();
1 invocation of hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks()
hosting_task_get_dangerous_tasks in task/hosting_task.module
Invoke hooks to build a list of dangerous tasks.


./hosting.api.php, line 397
Hooks provided by the hosting module, and some other random ones.


function hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks() {
  $dangerous_tasks = array(
  return $dangerous_tasks;