Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
drush_hosting_alias_pre_hosting_task alias/
drush_hosting_clone_pre_hosting_task clone/
drush_hosting_dispatch ./ Main queue processing drush command for hostmaster.
drush_hosting_import ./ Command to import an existing provision named context.
drush_hosting_migrate_pre_hosting_task migrate/
drush_hosting_package_pre_hosting_task package/
drush_hosting_pause ./ Drush command to pause the Aegir frontend queues.
drush_hosting_pause_validate ./ Make sure Aegir is ready to be upgraded.
drush_hosting_post_hosting_task ./ Post completion hook for the hosting-task Drush command.
drush_hosting_queued queued/ Drush command to execute hosting tasks.
drush_hosting_resume ./ Drush command to resume the Aegir frontend site.
drush_hosting_setup ./hosting.module Initial hosting setup drush command.
drush_hosting_site_pre_hosting_task site/ Map values of site node into command line arguments
drush_hosting_task ./ Drush hosting task command.
drush_hosting_task_rollback ./ Rollback hook for the hosting-task Drush command.
drush_hosting_task_validate ./ Validate hook for the hosting-task Drush command.
hook_allow_domain ./hosting.api.php Determine if a site can be created using the specified domain.
hook_drush_context_import ./hosting.api.php Import a backend context into the corresponding frontend node.
hook_hosting_feature ./hosting.api.php Register a hosting feature with Aegir.
hook_hosting_queues ./hosting.api.php Define hosting queues.
hook_hosting_quota_get_usage quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_get_usage
hook_hosting_quota_resource quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource
hook_hosting_quota_resource_render quota/hosting_quota.api.php Definition of hook_hosting_quota_resource_render
hook_hosting_servers_titles_alter server/hosting_server.api.php Alter the servers available for selection in the frontend.
hook_hosting_site_options_alter site/hosting_site.api.php
hook_hosting_site_site_list_filters site/hosting_site.api.php Defines which filters are allowed to be used on the hosting site list.
hook_hosting_site_site_list_filters_alter site/hosting_site.api.php Alters which filters are allowed to be used on the hosting site list.
hook_hosting_tasks task/hosting_task.api.php Define tasks that can be executed in the front-end.
hook_hosting_tasks_alter task/hosting_task.api.php Alter front-end tasks defined by other modules.
hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks ./hosting.api.php Return a list of dangerous tasks.
hook_hosting_task_dangerous_tasks_alter ./hosting.api.php Alter the list of dangerous tasks.
hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes ./hosting.api.php Return a list of Aegir entities to guard against destructive tasks.
hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes_alter ./hosting.api.php Alter the list of guarded nodes.
hook_hosting_TASK_OBJECT_context_options ./hosting.api.php Add or change context options before a hosting task runs.
hook_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task_rollback ./hosting.api.php Perform actions when a task has failed and has been rolled back.
hook_hosting_task_update_status ./hosting.api.php Reacts to tasks ending, with any status.
hook_nodeapi_TYPE_OP ./hosting.api.php Act on nodes defined by other modules.
hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task ./hosting.api.php Perform actions when a task has completed succesfully.
hosting_add_permissions ./ Add a module's permissions to the appropriate roles.
hosting_add_task task/hosting_task.module Helper function to generate new task node
hosting_alias_add_alias_callback alias/hosting_alias.module Ajax callback for returning multiple alias fields.
hosting_alias_add_alias_submit alias/hosting_alias.module Callback to handle "Add Alias" button.
hosting_alias_allow_domain alias/hosting_alias.module Implements hook_allow_domain().
hosting_alias_automatic_aliases alias/hosting_alias.module Generate a default set of aliases for the site based on the global options.
hosting_alias_delete alias/hosting_alias.module Remove the stored aliases for and existing site.
hosting_alias_delete_revision alias/hosting_alias.module Remove the stored aliases for and existing site for a specific version.
hosting_alias_drush_context_import alias/ Implements hook_drush_context_import().
hosting_alias_form_data alias/hosting_alias.module Alter the node form for a site to add the aliases and redirection items.
hosting_alias_form_site_node_form_alter alias/hosting_alias.module Implements hook_form_alter().
hosting_alias_get_aliases alias/hosting_alias.module Retrieve a list of aliases for a site.


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