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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description Drush include for the Hosting module's dispatch command.
hosting.api.php hosting.api.php Hooks provided by the hosting module, and some other random ones.
hosting.css hosting.css /** * Overview */ .hosting-site-list {clear:both;} #hosting-package-usage {clear:both;} #hosting-site-list-form { position: relative; } .hosting-service-info, #hosting-server-info, #hosting-client-info, #hosting-platform-info,… Drush include for the Hosting module. alias/ Expose the alias feature to hostmaster. client/ Expose the client feature to hostmaster. clone/ Expose the clone feature to hostmaster. cron/ Expose the cron feature to hostmaster. db_server/ Expose the db_server feature to hostmaster. dns/ Expose the dns feature to hostmaster. example/ Expose the example feature to hostmaster. Expose the hosting feature to hostmaster. migrate/ Expose the migrate feature to hostmaster. web_server/nginx/ Register the NGINX Hosting feature. web_server/nginx/ssl/ Register the NGINX SSL Hosting feature. package/ Expose the package feature to hostmaster. platform/ Expose the platform feature to hostmaster. queued/ The hosting feature definition for the hosting queue daemon. quota/ Expose the quota feature to hostmaster. server/ Expose the server feature to hostmaster. example/server_data/ The hosting feature definition for server data example. signup/ Register a Hosting feature for the Sign-up module.osting feature for the Sign-up module. site/ Expose the site feature to hostmaster. example/site_data/ The hosting feature definition for site data example. web_server/ssl/ Register this module as a Hosting feature. subdirs/ Expose the subdirs feature to hostmaster. task/ Expose the task feature to hostmaster. task_gc/ The hosting feature definition for the task garbage collection. web_cluster/ Expose the web cluster feature to hostmaster. web_pack/ Expose the web pack feature to hostmaster. web_server/ Expose the web_server feature to hostmaster. Include for functionality related to Hosting module features. General purpose Hosting module functions. name = Hosting description = Allow this Drupal site to deploy hosted sites. package = Hosting core = 7.x dependencies[] = views dependencies[] = views_bulk_operations dependencies[] = hosting_task dependencies[] = hosting_client dependencies[] =…
hosting.install hosting.install Define database schemas and update functions for the hosting module. server/ General IP address CRUD routines.
hosting.module hosting.module Hosting module. This file defines an API for defining new queues.
hosting.test hosting.test alias/ Drush include for the hosting_alias module. alias/ name = Site aliases description = Maintain domain aliases for sites. package = Hosting dependencies[] = hosting_site core = 7.x
hosting_alias.install alias/hosting_alias.install Define database schema and update function for the site aliases module.
hosting_alias.module alias/hosting_alias.module Allow sites to have domain aliases that they can be accessed with. client/ Control client node access.
hosting_client.css client/hosting_client.css a.add-new-client { float: right; margin-top: -0.7em; } client/ name = Client description = Allow Hostmaster to configure clients. package = Hosting dependencies[] = hosting core = 7.x files[] = ''
hosting_client.install client/hosting_client.install Define database schema, install and update functions for the hosting_client module.
hosting_client.module client/hosting_client.module Allow clients to be created and granted permissions over sites, tasks etc. client/includes/views/ Client module views integration. client/includes/views/ Provide a default view listing clients.


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