class hostingService_example

The base service type class , registered with hook_hosting_service_type.


Expanded class hierarchy of hostingService_example


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
hostingService::$available public property
hostingService::$has_port protected property
hostingService::$has_restart_cmd protected property
hostingService::$server public property
hostingService::context_import public function
hostingService::context_options public function
hostingService::default_port public function
hostingService::default_restart_cmd public function
hostingService::delete public function
hostingService::delete_revision public function
hostingService::form public function
hostingService::has_port public function
hostingService::insert public function
hostingService::load public function
hostingService::mergeData protected function
hostingService::save public function
hostingService::setValues public function
hostingService::update public function
hostingService::validate public function
hostingService::view public function
hostingService::__construct function
hostingService_example::$service public property the value stored in the service column of hosting_service table.


example/, line 14
Example service implementation for the hosting front end.

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class hostingService_example extends hostingService {
   * the value stored in the service column of hosting_service table.
  public $service = 'example';

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