function hosting_example_hosting_service

7.x-3.x hosting_example.module hosting_example_hosting_service()

Expose a service implementation to the service API.

Return a service implementation, such as the "apache" implementation of the "http" service.

An implementation class should go in {module name} and be must be named hostingService_{service type}_{type}, which should be a subclass of hostingService_{service type} or hostingService.

You will then need to either extend the existing {module name} file, or create a new file, containing the implementation of your service.

Return value

An associative array with the service implementation as key, and the service type implemented as value.

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example/hosting_example.module, line 74
Example of the Hosting Services API.


function hosting_example_hosting_service() {
  return array('basic' => 'example'); // Service implementation => service type.