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Name Locationsort ascending Description
HOSTING_SSL_CUSTOM_KEY web_server/ssl/ This SSL key is a custom, Aegir generated one.
HOSTING_SSL_DISABLED web_server/ssl/hosting_ssl.module SSL is disabled for this site.
HOSTING_SSL_ENABLED web_server/ssl/hosting_ssl.module SSL is enabled for this site.
HOSTING_SSL_REQUIRED web_server/ssl/hosting_ssl.module SSL is required for this site.
HOSTING_TASK_PROCESSING task/hosting_task.module The task is being processed
HOSTING_TASK_QUEUED task/hosting_task.module The task is queued
HOSTING_TASK_SUCCESS task/hosting_task.module The command completed succesfully.
HOSTING_TASK_ERROR task/hosting_task.module The command was not successfully completed. This is the default error status.
HOSTING_TASK_WARNING task/hosting_task.module The command was completed successfully, but with warnings. This is requires attention.
HOSTING_SITE_DELETED site/hosting_site.module This site is deleted from the backend.
HOSTING_SITE_DISABLED site/hosting_site.module This site is disabled.
HOSTING_SITE_QUEUED site/hosting_site.module This site is queued for creation.
HOSTING_SITE_ENABLED site/hosting_site.module This site is created and enabled in the backend.
HOSTING_SERVER_DELETED server/hosting_server.module This server has been deleted.
HOSTING_SERVER_LOCKED server/hosting_server.module This server has been locked. Its services will not be available for use.
HOSTING_SERVER_QUEUED server/hosting_server.module This platform has been queued for registration (and eventually creation).
HOSTING_SERVER_ENABLED server/hosting_server.module This server is created and enabled. Its services will be available for use.
HOSTING_PLATFORM_DELETED platform/hosting_platform.module This platform has been deleted.
HOSTING_PLATFORM_LOCKED platform/hosting_platform.module This platform has been locked, new sites will not be allowed to use it.
HOSTING_PLATFORM_QUEUED platform/hosting_platform.module This platform has been queued for creation.
HOSTING_PLATFORM_ENABLED platform/hosting_platform.module This platform is created and enabled, sites may be deployed on it.
HOSTING_PACKAGE_INSTANCE_EXCLUDE package/hosting_package.module
HOSTING_MAX_ALIAS_LENGTH ./hosting.module The maximum length for a site alias. Leaving room to append '.alias.drushrc.php' and keep filenames below 255.
HOSTING_FEATURE_DISABLED ./ This hosting feature is disabled.
HOSTING_FEATURE_ENABLED ./ This hosting feature is enabled.
HOSTING_FEATURE_REQUIRED ./ This hosting feature is required.
HOSTING_CLIENT_MAX_GROUP_LENGTH client/hosting_client.module The maximum length of a UNIX group
HOSTING_ALIAS_CUSTOM alias/hosting_alias.module An alias of this type is a custom, user generated one.
HOSTING_ALIAS_AUTOMATIC alias/hosting_alias.module An alias of this type is an automatically generated one.

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