function hosting_client_sanitize

7.x-3.x hosting_client.module hosting_client_sanitize($title)

Return a machine-usable name for a client.

This aims to be usable for unix group/user names and shells.

It adds a prefix configured in the frontend settings (defaulting to 'cl-'), and strips the total length of the string (including the prefix) to HOSTING_CLIENT_MAX_GROUP_LENGTH.

This can also be used to validate user-provided client unames, as it strips and readds the prefix and performs the same validation and corrections on the field.

This is inspired from the context sanitization stuff.

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client/hosting_client.module, line 1161
Allow clients to be created and granted permissions over sites, tasks etc.


function hosting_client_sanitize($title) {
  $prefix = variable_get('hosting_client_prefix', '');

  // Remove anything but "word characters", dots and dashes.
  $title = preg_replace("/^$prefix/", "", $title);

  // Remove the prefix in case we are validating an existing uname.
  $title = preg_replace("/[!\W\.\-]/", "", $title);

  return substr(strtolower($prefix . $title), 0, HOSTING_CLIENT_MAX_GROUP_LENGTH);