function hosting_alias_help

7.x-3.x hosting_alias.module hosting_alias_help($path, $arg)

Implements hook_help().


alias/hosting_alias.module, line 43
Allow sites to have domain aliases that they can be accessed with.


function hosting_alias_help($path, $arg) {
  switch ($path) {
    case 'admin/hosting/aliases':
      $output = t('Site aliases allow you to let sites be available through multiple domain addresses.<br />The most common use of this functionality is to provide automatic aliasing for and variants of the domain name.<br />');
      $output .= t('This module will also allow you to provide a "temporary url" that sites will always be accessible from, in case of DNS problems.<br />');
      $output .= t('Settings made here do not take effect automatically for existing sites.<br />');
      return $output;