function hosting_alias_get_aliases

7.x-3.x hosting_alias.module hosting_alias_get_aliases($node, $type = NULL)

Retrieve a list of aliases for a site.


Object $node: The site to get the aliases for.

int $type: Restrict the type of aliases returned, defaults to returning all aliases. Should be one of:

Return value

array An array of aliases for the given site.

3 calls to hosting_alias_get_aliases()
drush_hosting_alias_pre_hosting_task in alias/
hosting_alias_form_data in alias/hosting_alias.module
Alter the node form for a site to add the aliases and redirection items.
hosting_alias_node_load in alias/hosting_alias.module
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alias/hosting_alias.module, line 206
Allow sites to have domain aliases that they can be accessed with.


function hosting_alias_get_aliases($node, $type = NULL) {
  if (empty($node->vid)) {
    return array();
  $alias = array();
  $query = db_select('hosting_site_alias')->addTag('hosting_alias_get_aliases')->fields('hosting_site_alias', array('alias'))->condition('vid', $node->vid)->orderBy('alias', 'ASC');

  if (!is_null($type)) {
    $query->condition('automatic', $type);

  $result = $query->execute();

  foreach ($result as $obj) {
    $alias[] = $obj->alias;
  if (count($alias)) {
    return $alias;
  return array();